Friday, March 13, 2015

Aliens and ufos

Aliens and ufos among us

Aliens have been around for as long as man, watching, waiting, and testing animals for traces of monsanto seeds. At least that is what I think they are testing for. Mostly because aliens don't want to start getting billed. 

 Aliens have been painted and written through history right beside us. It has been said that they helped us build the pyramids, and helped us structure the world around us. We may just be a young species, or maybe they are just really old and can't find the remote. Either way, you have to admit with all the planets, stars, and galaxies in the universe there is no way we are alone. 


Ufos are among the more interesting parts of aliens to me, mostly because of how advanced the shuttles or whatever they are, actually are. In a world where we didn't start flying, until just recently if you think about it, we are not even on the verge of coming close to what has been accomplished by them.

 The video on aliens and ufos, should be interesting for you guys to see. 

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